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Some of Scott’s Speaking Topics Include...
  Say Yes To Your Dreams
Leaving Your Comfort Zones
Taming The Inner Critic
Change Is A Fact; Loss Is An Opinion
  God Can Take A Joke
Life In The Slow Lane
The Healing Power Of Music
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“His message brought a combination of inspiration, tears and laughter to everyone in attendance. His unique and special ability to blend music, light-heartedness and his own deep understanding of life is transforming. I would highly recommend his participation in any event or program.”
~Kathy Gottberg, Director of Palm Springs Center Of Positive Living, Palm Springs, CA

“Scott Kalechstein Grace is a dynamic, energetic and entertaining speaker, workshop presenter and musician. He has an ability to make his audience laugh, cry, think, ponder and relax. Scott is a man with a heart full of love and a mind full of wisdom and he is willing to share it all. Truly a joy!”
~Reverend Elaine Bienvenue, Spiritual Community Center Rocklin, CA

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