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“The most profoundly transformational workshop I have ever done. I experienced a lasting quantum leap into trust and love.”
   ~ Martha Lawrence, author of Awakening the Wise Woman Within

“Thank you. You gave me the universe in a song. Phrase by phrase, over and over, deeper into my being this song-beacon becomes. I will forever play it as the lullaby of my soul.”
   ~ Verna Tweddale, Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Ambler, PA

“Like a gift, the words just come to Scott Kalechstein Grace...flowing through him in the moment in which they are created. All that’s needed is a subject, an ear to hear and then a spark of musical vision. Then comes a song, a healing, an inspiration, a gift...not just from Grace and his voice, but from a devoted singer and his heart.”
   ~ Jim Ellis, Music Reviewer, Southern CA

“Scott’s personalized healing songs are one of the most significant healing tools I have ever come across. The combination of music with spiritual affirmation goes deep into the subconscious to help joyfully release old patterns.”
   ~ Dr. Stephen Feig, Physician, Santa Cruz, CA

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